Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an average gown cost?

Every gown is uniquely made with the client's wishes in mind. Because of this, the price is affected by several factors:

  • The design of the dress
  • The fabric and raw materials the dress requires
  • The amount of intricate labor involved in complicated materials
  • The amount of additional revisions requested by the client

While every dress is individually priced for your perfect night-out, our Quinceañera dresses start at: $1,250 / Wedding gowns: $1,000 / Evening gowns: $200.

How long will it take for my dress to be ready?

Every type of dress is different and requires requires different types of labor depending on the design. I want to ease one of the biggest worry that's on your mind: is my dress ready for my event? The sooner you book your appointment the sooner you'll have your dress.*

*Ideally I recommend you schedule your desired pickup date at least 6 months in advance. Your pickup date should be before you take bridal pictures or need to wear it for any reason whatsoever; once we lock in your pickup date if you require it to be ready before the pickup date you will be subject to an additional fee because it will set us behind from delivering other client's gowns on time and we want to ensure that none of our client's important events are ruined because their dress isn't ready.

What is the minimum amount of time needed to have my custom-dress made?

Suggested minimum production lead time is 4-6 months. I understand some clients for unforeseen circumstances may have waited longer than expected to place their dress order. Rush orders are considered and may be passed depending on my workload because I don't want to accept something that I may not have ready by your desired date. Orders required within a 3-month period is considered a rush order. Full payment will be charged up-front for rush orders. All rush orders will incur a 25% surcharge. Surcharge is final and non-refundable.

Do I need to bring any sketches, magazine cutouts, pictures of inspiration of gowns I like?

You are more than welcomed to do so. However, I like to create dresses that are unique to every client and the creative process can sometimes be cluttered by and we definitely don't want to copy someone else's work. I want your dress to be yours truly; the dress you will always cherish. In order to do this our conversations and your needs will reflect what the overall dress will look like. I understand if there are some very specific details from a different dress like a translucent sleeve, a certain pattern, or tail you would like considered in the final sketch and I will gladly take your feedback.

Do I need to bring my own fabric?

No, during the consultation and the design process I will have some samples to show you. I also have very close relationships with the best local textile shops and will get you the best price possible. If you are importing a fabric internationally you are welcome to do so.

I already have a dress, do you do alterations?

Yes, I currently do alterations for bridal, quinceañera, cotillion, and evening gowns only. Prices vary depending on what adjustments need to be made to your dress and you will receive a quote during your scheduled appointment.

My dress got damaged during my photo session/unforeseen circumstance, can you fix it?

Yes, accidents happen and are very common. Price for repairs is dependent on the amount of damage and time before the event. If the damage is very minor and is brought in at least one week before the event it will be free of charge.*

*This only applies to dresses purchased from Carmina Coronado.

Do you have any off-the-rack dresses available for sale?

We currently have selected eveningwear pieces that we offer for sale/rent in our showroom.

For bridal, quinceañera, cotillion we currently don't have any available - only custom-make orders.

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