Our Vision

Nice to meet you :)

Carmina Coronado is an independent formal couture design studio for the elegant woman. We welcome you to explore our vision.

Extravagant & Timeless All Year Round

Founded in 2016 by fashion designer Rosa Carmina Coronado who believes you should feel beautiful in your most elegant moments. She designs dresses, gowns, formal jackets, and other essentials for your perfect evening-night-out.

High quality, 
low maintenance  

We collaborate with the best local textile/fabric shops to craft the pieces that will make you feel like the guest-of-honor, in any event. Every gown is made in our shop with very careful detail in every stitch, and we refuse to compromise on quality. We love what we do, and the women we design for are our biggest inspiration.

For the Woman with Fine Taste

We admire women who lead limitless and luxurious lifestyles. 

We embody that every night is worth remembering. 

We belong to a generation of women who can do anything. We'll take care of creating quality pieces so you can take care of business (and everything else).

Let's Create Something Beautiful Together

There's a dress you're thinking of right now in this moment. What color is it? What kind of texture does it embody? What event is coming up; is it your wedding, your daughter's quinceañera, is it a gala? Whatever you have in mind make an appointment with us today and let's make your dream dress a reality.

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